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SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Markle Is CONFRONTED With Racism . . . At The QUEEN'S Christmas Party . . . Wow They Did Her DIRTY!!

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Meghan Markle got her first WAKE UP CALL - that not all in the ROYAL FAMILY are ready to have a Black person as a royal.

Now the racist princess is trolling Meghan Markel...

Yesterday, Meghan Markel attended the Queen's annual Christmas lunch, which was attended by most o fthe royal family. Among the guests was Princess Michael of Kent, she is married to the Queen's cousin.

Princess Princess Michael of Kent is a known White supremacist. Back in 2004, she told told Black diners in a New York restaurant to 'go back to the colonies.'

Well she let Meghan know how she feels. The Princess wore a Blackamoore broach. Blackamoor art and jewelry famously depict Black servants - and have become valuable RACIST memorabilia

Go here to see it.