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SHOCK CRIME: Woman Charged With RAPING A MALE CAB DRIVER . . . Police Say She FORCIBLY S*CKED HIS D**K . . . While Holding Him At KNIFE POINT!! (Bikini Pics Of The ALLEGED Rapist)

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A 23-year-old woman from Ohio is being charged with a very STRANGE crime. Police say Brittany Carter, of Freemont, Ohio, raped a male cab driver. She's being charged with rape and aggravated robbery.

According to the local police, Brittany and two "black males" called Trinity Express Cab Service asking to send a taxi to pick them up.

During the ride, police said one of the men with Brittany pulled a knife on the 29-year-old driver and Brittany FORCIBLY performed oral sex on him.

Afterwards Brittany and her friends allegedly stole $32 from the victim’s pocket.

The driver then went to the police to report the incident and warrants were later issued for Brittany's arrest.