SHOCK CRIME: Washington D.C. Dentist Charged With 'ORALLY RAPING' Male Patients . . . While They Were UNDER ANESTHESIA!! (Some Victims . . . MIGHT NOT KNOW)


There may be dozens, and possibly HUNDREDS of male rape victims in Washington D.C. that have no idea they were sexually assaulted by a MAN!!

A Washington, D.C. dentist was charged with sexually abusing male patients while they under the effects of nitrous oxide. Bilal Ahmed was charged with 14 felony counts of sexual abuse.

According to court documents, in May 2014 at Universal Smiles DC, Ahmed performed dental work on a patient who had chipped a tooth and administered nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas) to him through a face mask.

Prosecutors say when the mask came off, the patient found Ahmed forcing him to perform oral sex.

The patient reported the incident to police, who tracked down two other male patients who claimed they were sexually assaulted by Ahmed as well - in addition to one of Ahmed's own employees who said he was inappropriately touched.

Authorities suspect that Ahmed may have raped DOZENS and possibly HUNDREDS of men who are not aware that they were assaulted.