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SHOCK CRIME: San Bernadino SHOOTER Killed Wife And Her Special Needs STUDENTS . . . Because He Was JEALOUS . . . Of The SPECIAL NEEDS Kids!! (DETAILS)

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Yesterday the country was SHOCKED when a Southern California man fatally shot his estranged wife while she taught her special needs class inside an elementary school classroom.

The shooter's name is Cedric Anderson, 53, of Riverside, California. Police say that he walked into the classroom armed with a large caliber revolver and opened fire “without saying anything.”

The teacher, Karen Smith, age 53, died immediately. Two students were shot also, and one of those children - 8-year-old Jonathan Martinez - later died at a hospital, a police spokesperson said.

Police chief Jarrod Burguan said Karen Elaine Smith was also from Riverside. She was a teacher at the school.

Now new details are coming out. Friends of the victim are saying that Cedric was upset with his wife because she "dedicated too much" of her life to her students.

This is a tragedy all the way around. What a MONSTER!!

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