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SHOCK CRIME: Pregnant Woman Is VIOLENTLY RAPED . . . While She Was In The 'ADVANCED STAGES' Of Labor!! (We Live . . . In A SICK World)

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A British man is charged with raping a woman - while she was in the advanced stages of labor. The woman reportedly gave birth less than an hour after she was attacked.

Here's how it went down. The alleged rapist was the boyfriend of the pregnant woman. He is now ON TRIAL for raping her while she was in labor.

A trial at Hull Crown Court was told the woman had got on all fours on her bed after entering the "advanced stages" of labor when she was attacked by her partner.

The man, who is not being named to protect the woman's identity, had fallen asleep next to his partner but was woken up when she started having contractions at around 11.30pm.

As she got down on all fours to alleviate the pain, the man told her he was "feeling horny" and started having sex with her, jurors were told.

Prosecutor Michael Greenhalgh said the alleged victim was "crying in pain" and shouting for the man to stop.

The Hull Daily Mail reports after the alleged incident, he offered to run her a bath and she had their baby in the hospital just hours later.