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SHOCK CRIME: New Jersey Mother Mom Allegedly BURNS BABY Under Hot Water . . . Because She Wanted To 'DISCIPLINE HIM'!! (Graphic Pics Of The POOR BABY)


A Camden, New Jersey mom has allegedly been charged with child abuse - for pouring scalding water on her baby's back.

A man claiming to be the child's father set up a GoFundMe page, where he explained what he says happened to the child. Here's what he's saying:

Hi, my name is Justin Coke I am in the Intensive burn unit at St. Christopher's children's hospital in Philadelphia with my son who suffers from 2-3rd-degree burns.

This is our story: a month ago their mom took our two kids from our home in N.C. to live with her family in N.J. On Thanksgiving morning she put our son under hot water to discipline him. He suffers from 2-3rd-degree burns on the entire backside of his small body. His mother told the detectives that she intentionally did this to him.

She is currently in police custody in Camden. I am now out of work here in N.J. from N.C. caring for my child until he is released. Which is now to be determined.

My family has travel, medical and now out of work expenses. When he is discharged I will be a single dad of two caring for my two children full time until he is 100% better. Unfortunately I am not guaranteed my job when I return. I arrived here the day after Thanksgiving, up until then he was all alone. He has nightmares now and In constant pain. We are awaiting word for surgery. He is not eating so a feeding tube is placed.

Please pray for me, my family and my son's recovery so we can return home.