It's OFFICIAL!!! Birth Of A Nation Has FLOPPED . . . Nate Parker's 'Nat Turner' Documentary . . . Went Down In FLAMES!!!


The numbers just came out, and it's official - Nate Parker's film, The Birth Of A Nation, just flopped. Fox Searchlight's The Birth of a Nation is expected to gross only 7.6 million in sales this weekend - making it a sixth place finish.

This is really sad, as The Hollywood Reporter just reported that Oprah tried to help Nate out - but he said no. This is what they reported:

Sources say Winfrey suggested Parker address the matter in an appearance with King on her CBS program. But Parker declined. He was angry that what he saw as a consensual, youthful sexual experimentation gone awry had become an issue years later despite his acquittal, and that it was happening just when his Nat Turner passion project was not only finished but positioned as a major Oscar contender.
Since then, Winfrey has remained mum regarding Parker, seemingly depriving the filmmaker of an important voice that might have helped him move past persistent questions that seem to be overshadowing his movie and potentially undermining his career.