SHOCK CRIME: Wrestling Coach Is Charged With Using a CATFISH TRICK . . . On Snapchat . . . To MOLEST An Underage Boy!!! (DISGUSTING)


A 19-year-old volunteer wrestling coach named Marcus Stroud was charged with federal crimes, after he allegedly "tricked" a 14-year-old boy into performing oral relations on him.

According to authorities, Marcus met the victim at a youth wrestling tournament, and the two teens became friends.

Prosecutors then claim that Marcus began CATFISHING the victim, pretending to be a woman on Instagram named "thechsenpug".

Marcus used Snapchat and Instagram to send CATFISH nude photos to the youngster, court records allege. In return, Marcus (pretending to be thechsenpug) asked the teen to send nude pictures of himself.

Then things get crazy. Somehow Marcus came up with a plan where he eventually persuaded the youngster to perform oral sex on him, the feds allege. Stroud taped it on his iPhone, and now faces child pornography charges.