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SHOCK CRIME: DERANGED Mom Had 'ENOUGH' . . . Put Her Two Children In The OVEN . . . And COOKED THEM TO DEATH!! (DISTURBING Details)

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An Atlanta single mother has been arrested and charged with an UNTHINKABLE crime. Police say that Lamora Williams murdered her two youngest sons "by placing them in an oven and turning it on," according to an arrest warrant.

The two angels - Keyante Penn, 2, and Ja'karter Penn, 1, died an excruciating death - as they were burned alive.

It's not clear WHY the deranged mom did it - but reports say that the 24-year-old recently quit her job because she couldn't find a babysitter and told her friends she'd "had enough."

Lamora is a single mother of four young children and believed to be suffering from undiagnosed mental illness.

After she allegedly killed the children, she video-chatted her boys' father, Jameel Penn. He alerted the police immediately when he saw his motionless children on the ground and realized something wasn't right.