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SHOCK CRIME: Crazed Transgender Goes BONKERS . . . When A Guy REJECTS HER . . . And Starts HACKING People Up . . . With An AXE!! (Graphic Video)

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Evie Amati, an Australian transgender, has been arrested and charged with attempted murder. She had some sort of a PSYCHOTIC BREAK after being rejected by a man - and tried to HACK HIM TO DEATH.

Evie is caught on tape walking into a convenience store with 32-year-old Benjamin Rimmer. The two engage in a conversation, during which Benjamin reportedly "rejects" Evie.

Well she didn't take rejection well - because she is seen striking him with the axe in the upper body. She also is seen hacking 43-year-old Sharon Hacker in the back of the head.

Both victims survived, although Benjamin had his face split, and Sharon suffered a skull fracture.