SHOCK CRIME: A 4 Year Old 'SEXUAL PREDATOR' . . . Was Allowed To RUN AMOK . . . Inside A KINDERGARTEN CLASS!! (He Allegedly ANALLY And ORALLY Raped 15 Classmates)


A four year old AUSTRALIAN BOY which many are calling a "sexual predator" is accused of raping up to 15 children inside his class. But staff at the school say there is "nothing" they can do about it, because the behavior is "developmentally normal" according to the school psychologist. One mother of a little boy at the school explained, "I went to work and received a call about 2.30pm saying my child was hysterical and the teacher was unable to calm him down and there had been another incident." The concerned mom told a local newspaper that the four year old 'perpetrator' isn't the issue, they blame the school for not handling the situation properly. The boy allegedly sexually assaulted a number of other children in his kindergarten class last year both at school and in after-school care. 'The staff allegedly ignored anal and oral sex accompanied by threats and secrecy, dismissing it as 'normal developmentally appropriate behavior',' claims prominent Australian psychiatrist Freda Briggs. The parents of the young victims, who were forced to remove their children from the school, urged the school to expel the tiny predator until he was deemed safe by a doctor. That did NOT happen, a representative from the Department of Education said he could not force the boy's parents to get him treatment.