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SHOCK CRIME: 14-Year-Old Bronx Teen MURDERS MAN . . . When He Catches Dude . . . SMASHING HIS MOTHER!!!


A Bronx man named Calixto Palacios was murdered last month. Police believe that the person who KILLED him was the 14-year-old son of a woman he had just finished having s*x with.

The woman, Shamika Mosley, and her 14-year-old were arrested - after being on the run for six weeks - and charged in the Dec. 9 stabbing, police sources said.

Calixto, the 61-year-old father of 17 children, was stabbed seven times in the torso by young Antwon Prince as his mother stood watching inside the victim’s apartment, according to authorities.

Police suspect that Shamika may have been working as a prostitute when she and her son entered Calixo’s home.

The killers fled after snatching the dead man’s cellphone and wallet, police said.

The local NY Daily News says that Calixo often engaged the services of prostitutes. “There were lots of women — mostly prostitutes . . . He would meet them in the streets and invite them up. Lots of them were crackheads.”

Known by his friends and family for being a "nice old guy," his daughter, Erika Palacios expressed her shock at her father's murder:

“I’m surprised someone killed him because he didn’t have enemies,” she says. “I want them to pay. I want them to go to prison and not continue to kill people.”

Both Shamika and her teenage son were already known to authorities prior to the vicious attack. At the time of his arrest, the teen had an outstanding Family Court warrant for robbery, and Shamika Mosley had multiple failures to appear in court for previous cases and was arrested in March 2016 for trespassing and possession of crack.