Shock Crime: 13-Year-Old Shoots 14-Year-Old . . . Suspected MS 13 Gang Killing!!! (They're More Deadly Thank Crips Or Bloods)


A 13-year-old boy was arrested for allegedly murdering a 14-year-old dead after a "fight" in school. Police believe that the shooting may have been associated with the deadly MS13 gang.

Police say that 14-year-old Diego Perez was shot dead outside his home in Fresno, California. Friends said they heard gunshots and saw Perez running down the street

A 13-year-old boy was arrested for the shooting. Here is how the Daily Mail is reporting it:

Perez's mother told the outlet that the suspect had previously gotten into a fight with her son at school. She said her son was getting ready to join a summer basketball league.

"It's very unusual to have this level of violence at that young of an age," said Lt. Mark Padilla of the Fresno County sheriff's office.

The suspect, whose name isn't being released since he's a minor, is being held in juvenile custody. He was tracked down through witnesses, said police.

Botti says investigators are trying to establish a motive for the shooting but says, "Everything points it to being an intentional act."