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SHOCK CLAIM: Gay Man Claims To Have HAD RELATIONS . . . With Gospel Singer Tina Campbell's HUSBAND!! (She's The One . . . Who Voted For TRUMP)

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Last week, Gospel singer Tina Campbell came under fire for telling fans that she voted for Donald Trump because she believed in his Christian values. That's despite the fact that President Trump has been an ATHEIST for almost 30 years.

Well now Tina's got more SCANDAL on her front door. Over the weekend on TS Madison and Khia's YouTube chat show "Queen's Court" a man called in claiming to have slept with Tina's husband Teddy.

The caller had a lot of DETAILS to his account. The man claims that in the year 2000 (before Tina and Teddy were married) he used to be a guitar player for the Soul Seekers gospel group. According to the caller, he and "Theodore" used to hook up.