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SHOCK CLAIM: Rapper Gucci Mane's CHILDHOOD FRIEND . . . Claims To Have A GAY SEXTAPE . . . Of GUCCI Having RELATIONS . . . With MEN!! (Did Gucci Get TURNED OUT . . . In Jail??)

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Rapper Gucci Mane is scrambling as we speak - to stop the release of a 31-minute tape, which allegedly exposes Gucci doing "gay azz sh*t."

One of Gucci's former friends is claiming to have the tape and is offering it up for sale.

Gucci is known as one of the most POPULAR rappers of the past decade, even though he's spent more than five of those years - off and on, in prison.

Here's his ex-homie explaining himself:

Gucci just released a holiday track, St. Brick Intro.