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SHOCK CLAIM: Quincy Jones Claims MALCOLM X Sold RAY CHARLES Heroin . . . And Ray Charles . . . 'GOT ME HOOKED AT AGE 15'!!!

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Quincy Jones gave an AMAZING interview to GQ magazine, and it was really . . . AMAZING.

In it he made some FANTASTIC claims about Malcolm X and Ray Charles:

So you would personally buy drugs off Malcolm X?

“Personally?” He nods. “Shit, everybody in the band bought it! The junkies used to call cocaine ‘girl’ and heroin ‘boy.’ That’s because they said cocaine would take you from your woman.”

So why was heroin ‘boy?’

“Because it’s masculine. It’s a strong drug. And it won’t bother you as long as you give it everything it wants. But it wants more and more all the time.”

Did you try everything over the years?

“I’ve tried everything. Amyl nitrate. Methedrine. Benzedrine. Everything. Ray had me on heroin for five months.”

How old were you then?


It's no secret that Malcolm X was a drug dealer. While he was still alive, he used his past experiences and life in the streets to teach. In the Spike Lee-directed biopic, Malcolm X, this part of his life was shown, as well as his arrest and time behind bars. This was actually the time of his life where he found Islam.

Also in the movie Ray which starred Jamie Foxx, Ray Charles' relationship with Quincy Jones was well documented - although they didn't show Jones injecting heroin, just Charles and his band.

What's shocking is how young he was at the time! Fifteen is still a baby! In the very candid interview, Jones goes into depth about Charles' addiction to the drug - even claiming that the Georgian blues legend used to inject the drugs into his testicles!