SHOCK CLAIM: Preacher's Daughter Accused Of MOLESTING BOY . . . Police Say . . . She Made The Child . .. EAT HER BOOTY LIKE GROCERIES . . . SICK!! (PICS)


A very DISTURBING story is coming out of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. Police claim that the daughter of a pastor was molesting a 10-year-old boy. Authorities say that the abuse took place in the home where the accused shares with her parents.

Stormy Ledbetter, 30 years old, is the woman accused. She lives in her father's house - who is the pastor at Pauls Valley Church of the Nazarene. Her dad also served as the chaplain for the local police department.

According to local authorities, they began investigating Ledbetter in October, when the 10-year-old boy’s father reported the abuse. At one point in the investigation, the boy went through a forensic interview. Authorities noted that the whole thing has been a “long and slow” process.

Ledbetter has been arrested on suspicion of lewd acts to a child under 16 and forcible oral sodomy. If convicted as charged, she may face up to 40 years in prison.