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SHOCK CLAIM: Salem, Mass POLICE CHIEF'S Husband . . . Is Charged With BRUTALLY RAPING Male Inmate . . . Claims That He 'GAVE IN TO TEMPTATION'!!!

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A Salem, Massachusetts police officer named Brian Butler, who is married to the POLICE CHIEF, is being charged with BRUTALLY raping a man in custody.

Brian allegedly told superiors that he “gave into temptation” when he allegedly raped an inmate in a station broom closet, according to police reports.

“I am embarrassed and I gave into temptation,” Officer Butler, spouse of Salem Police Chief Mary E. Butler, told a captain who confronted him. “I’ve embarrassed myself, my family and the police department ... I’ve ruined a 24-year career.”

Here's how the incident is described in the Boston Herald:

The alleged rape occurred the morning of Halloween. The accuser was in protective custody after allegedly getting drunk and flooding a motel room bathroom at the Clipper Ship Inn. He was naked in his cell because his clothes were wet. . .

The accuser said in an affidavit to Salem Police Internal Affairs he allowed Brian Butler to fondle him at a booking desk and rape him in a broom closet “out of fear.”