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SHOCK CLAIM: Meet The SWISS MODEL . .. That Tyga Allegedly TRIED TO CHEAT . . . On Kylie Jenner Over!! (Is She . . . WORTH IT??)


According to Swiss newspaper Blick, Tyga slid into the DMs of a 20-year-old model, but ended up getting curved once the woman found out he was still dating Kylie Jenner.

Tally Solis, who bears a slight resemblance to the Kardashian sisters, was tied to social media personality and pro-poker player Dan Bilzerian earlier this year. In June, Tally was in town visiting Dan when Tyga took notice and contacted her via Instagram DM almost immediately.

“I was living in Dan Bilzerian’s villa in L.A. for almost one week and [Tyga] wanted to meet me,” said Tally. She says the two exchanged contacts and she was under the impression it was all business and Tyga wanted to use her for a music video. Tally says that she agreed to meet up with him during her next visit to L.A. but was shocked to find out that he and Kylie were back on.

“We got in contact and three days after he reached out to me, I saw he was back with Kylie Jenner,” she said. “That’s when I broke up contact because I had only business interests with him.”

Tally says things were seemingly good up until September 12, when Tyga entered the picture again. “I knew he was on holiday with Kylie Jenner up until just a day before that – it’s sickening,” she tells Blick.

According to the model, two weeks ago Tyga reached out to her via WhatsApp. “Just a few weeks ago he texted me again and tried to get back in contact, just a day after being on vacation with Kylie.”

All Tyga said was “Hey,” but it was then that Tally let him have it!

“You have one of the most prettiest and most successful women in the world and you’re still texting others,” she told him. “You ‘men’ have it so hard to find real love, and not a gold digger, and you’re still not satisfied with this gift of a self-made and loyal woman that god gave you or what? You really want me to send her this shit you’re doing?”

The message shows that Tyga saw it, but according to Blick, he has yet to reply.

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