SHOCK CLAIM: Lord Jamar From The BRAND NUBIANS Exposes Hip Hop Mogul RUSSELL SIMMONS . . . Claims Russell Is SECRETLY GAY!!! (Listen To The Accusations)


Most of the time you see music mogul RUSSELL SIMMONS< he has a young woman on his arm. But is that all FAKE??

According to hip hop legend Afrika Bambatta's longtime bodyguard Brother Poppy, Russell Simmons lived a SECRET GAY lifestyle. And hip hop legend Lord Jamar appears to AGREE. When brother Poppy suggests Russell is GAY - Jamar responds with "Oh yeah, everyone knows that."

Here are the exact words used:

Brother Poppy:Afrika Bambatta told me that certain people in the industry were swinging off the fruit tree (GAY).
And he told me plenty of times that Russell Simmons was one of them.

Lord Jamar: Oh yeah, everyone knows that.