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SHOCK CLAIM: John Singleton's TUPAC BIOPIC Script . . . Claimed That Rapper Tupac . . . Was 'RAPED IN JAIL BY MEN'!!!! (Dayummmm . . . That's MESSED Up??)

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There have been all kinds of rumors surrounding Tupac - some good, some not so good.

One rumor has always followed the legendary rapper - some people believe that he was SEXUALLY ASSAULTED by men while in prison. Pac spent 130 days in jail after being charged with rape - but only convicted of sexual touching.

Well two years ago, John Singleton signed on to direct a biopic about Tupac and wanted to "confirm" that rumor. He was allegedly FIRED from the movie after news leaked out. At least that's what Young Nobel, from Tupac's rap collective The Outlawz, said in an interview with All Hip Hop.

Here are his exact words:

We got the call the day [John Singleton] got fired and honestly, I was kinda upset because I thought he was the perfect guy to direct Pac movie until I heard the reason he got fired. John wrote his own script for the movie an in his script he had a scene insinuating 2pac getting raped in jail and he had Afeni as a lesbian and wanted a scene in there with her doing some lesbian activities.