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SHOCK CLAIM: ESPN Anchor Jemele Hill Claims Black People Are RACIST Against Steph Curry . . . Cause He's LITE SKINNED!!!


ESPN anchor Jemele Hill is making news. She has been an outspoken supporter, and some say a STAN for Steph Curry. And now she is launching an ATTACK on the Black community. According to Jemele, many African Americans are RACIST against Steph, because he's LITE SKINNED.

It may sound CRAZY to some, but listen to her reasoning:

“I knew it would happen eventually, because eventually it happens to everybody,” Hill said. “Because success does breed contempt for a lot of people. But here’s the thing: there’s so many layers to the Steph Curry hatred.”

Some of those layers, Hill pointed out, are the older generation of players like Charles Barkley and Oscar Robertson, who aren’t a fan of the way Steph plays. Then there are the people who feel like Steph is a ‘package’ that’s too good to be true and is being forced upon them with his perfect family and stellar image and play.

On top of that, Hill added, Curry is “light-skinned” and that’s “exposed this deeper level of insecurity within black people that they have when it comes to skin tone.”

We're not sure we agree with that mess . . .