Rapper CONSEQUENCE Is Claiming . . . That He Wrote Jay Z's RAPS .. . That He Is The 'REAL AUTHOR' On Jigga's Hit ENCORE!!


A new SCANDAL is brewing in hip hop - one of the most PROLIFIC ghostwriters in history is claiming that he GHOST WROTE Jay Z's hit song "Encore." Consequence has admitted to ghost writing DOZENS of tracks for Kanye West. Now he claims he even wrote one for JAY Z.

Here's what the HipHopDX is saying:

While [Consequence] considers it taboo to “out” who he’s written for, he does reveal he had a hand in writing the chorus on Jay-Z’s 2003 The Black Album cut “Encore.”

“One record, in particular, I was happy about to be a part of was Jay-Z’s ‘Encore,'” Cons says. “When me and Kanye kinda was on the phone and we actually kinda came up with the chorus back and forth.”

Since he’s not credited on the project, this technically makes Consequence a ghostwriter for the catchy Jay-Z hit. A fact that proves that even the most highly acclaimed MCs sometimes get a little written help to make their music.

As a longtime collaborator of Ye, who was in the studio while The Life of Pablo was being recorded, he gave his input on Meek Mill attempting to discredit Drake by outing the identity of his alleged ghostwriter, Quentin Miller.