SHOCK CLAIM: College Student Put Her PROFESSOR ON BLAST . . . She ALLEGEDLY Slept With Him To Get An A . . . And He CHEATED HER!!!


There's a very SCANDALOUS post making its way around Facebook. They claim that the post originated from a college student.

The girl who wrote it is allegedly an Electrical Engineering student who claims that her professor failed her even after having relations with her.

The post reads as follows:

Some lecturers deserve to die. They f*ck you and promise you an A. Now results are out, I have an E. I called him and he said he gave me an E because I denied him the opportunity of ej*culating inside. Really? That’s so unfair, I’m soon exposing the lecturer here. He must explain whether the E is for Ej*culation or what? I feel wasted

In the British system an "E" is the same as an "F".

Here is the initial post