SHOCK BREAKING NEWS: Popular YouTube Comedian Is An Alleged RACIST . . . He Had A 'SECRET' YouTube Channel . . . That Catered To AMERICAN NAZI'S!!! (Details)


A new report coming from FADAR magazine is claiming that the popular YouTube comedian "Needle Drop" (aka Anthony Fantano) may be a racist. Fadar found what they claim to be a "secret" YouTube channel which used the "n-word" - and appeared to cater to Nazi's and White supremacists.

Here is the report from Fadar:

Fantano wraps a cord around his neck, while an image of a black guy with a white noose around his neck that appears behind him. Next, we see a background image of another black person being choked, right as Fantano says the words “choked to death.” He’s playing the specter of black suicide and death for laughs.

A series of images flash behind him — black faces warped in Photoshop, black figures holding guns, cartoon monkeys, a clip from the racist Disney cartoon Steamboat Willie, poop in a toilet. Fantano launches into a nonsense soliloquy about “hugs and drugs... don't do drugs, do hugs” as the background scene shifts — Fantano’s in jail, then he’s screaming on the floor in a mental asylum, a direct reference to Hopsin’s highly publicized struggles with suicide and mental health.

As for Fantano’s sanctimonious rejection of the n-word — while it’s true that he doesn’t say it out loud, it still figures prominently on thatistheplan. Case in point: a few weeks ago, Fantano released a video called “DEEP FRIED MEME REVIEW.” I won’t try to explain the plot — something about summoning “black meme magic” by burning a copy of Death Grips’s album Exmilitary as an offering to Pepe the Frog — but the point is, several memes featuring the n-word appear throughout the clip. This doesn’t require much complex analysis. Fantano thinks the n-word is funny, so he put it in his comedy video. His fans certainly got the message: dozens of comments on this video, and on many of his other videos, use the slur.