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Comedian SHERRI SHEPERD Must Have The BEST LAWYER IN THE WORLD . . . Look How Little She's Paying . . . In CHILD SUPPPORT TO HER EX!!!


Remember that bitter child custody/support battle that Sherri Shepard had with her ex-husband Jeff Tarpley - well Sherri won. And she BIGGER than anyone that we've ever seen.

They just revealed how much Sherri pays dude in child support, and you're gonna be shocked.

Here's how The Blast is reporting it:

As The Blast first reported, Jeff Tarpley, filed docs last year in their longstanding custody war seeking 50/50 custody of their 12-year-old son, Jeffrey. The two were married from 2001-2010.

According to new documents obtained by The Blast, Tarpley came away with more custody following a ruling in December that went previously unreported. Tarpley says he has custody of Jeffrey every 1st, 3rd and 5th weekends of the month, every Tuesday and Thursday, and other times when Shepherd is out of town.

Per their previous deal, Shepherd was paying $131 a month in child support, but he’s looking for more now, pointing out her income of $1.2 million a year is vastly superior to his $2,400 a month.

“I feel I had a very tight prenup,” she told Dr. Oz in an interview airing last year, “but there’s a baby here and I have always said I would take care of his son because he’s here and I make money. I always said I would provide financially.”

$131.00 a month . . . SERIOUSLY??? Sherri who is your LAWYER???