Sherri Shepherd EXPLAINS Why She Is DISOWNING HER OWN BABY . . . Do You Agree With Her Reasoning??


Actress Sherri Shepherd and her ex-husband Lamar Sally brought a beautiful baby into the world - via surrogate. And while courts are FORCING Sherri to pay child support, Sherri has officially "DISOWNED" the child. According to Sherri - she wants NOTHING to do with her own son.

Here is why she told Dr. Oz:

“I feel I had a very tight pre-nup...but there’s a baby here and I have always said I would take care of [Lamar's] son because he’s here and I make money. I always said I would provide financially.”

“What he was asking for allowed for him not to have to work."

“Even now, [the baby] never has to worry about anything as long as I’m working.”

“He’s on my health insurance. He’s got a life insurance policy in case anything happens to me. He’ll be taken care of the way [my other son] is. I’ve just chosen to take myself out because I think it’s worse for a child with two parents not getting along.”