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Here at MTO, we love to spill the tea, but we also have a sense of humor - and this hilarious clip from Sherman's Showcase spoofs the Media Take Out offices... and we think it's a riot!!

In the clip, Marlon Wayans heads a pitch meeting with the MTO staff, in a bid to land the most salacious headlines on the internet.

"Here at Media Take Out, we don't have sources - Just use the phrase "our snitches have heard." That is what we here do at Media Take Out, Wayans tells his unwitting staff," before rattling on about diversity.

The staff them pitches a story about Young Thug having a secret baby before the boss tells them to improvise by adding that Thug's baby is "gay."

You can check out the clip below.

If y' all have not heard of Sherman's Showcase yet, it is a sketch variety show like none before, Sherman's Showcase travels through time via music and clips drawn from the forty-year library of a legendary (fictional) musical variety show. Inspired by shows like "Solid Gold," "Soul Train," and "Laugh-In."