Sheree Whitfield from the Atlanta Housewives finally got her degree - and she's being blasted on social media over it. Many are saying that Sheree's new degree is "fake."

In 2015, in the midst of her divorce to ex Bob Whitfield, Sheree admitted that she only has a high school diploma, and that it was difficult to earn a living given her limited education.

Yesterday she received her doctorate in humane letters. It's an honorary doctorate though, and that's what's causing people to go in on her.

Many people are suggesting that Sheree's new degree is "fake", because it's honorary.

But Sheree is not bothering with the haters, she's making a ton of changes in her life - and it's all for the better.

Sheree's new doctorate is from a Divinity School. The former Housewife is walking down a Christian path - and seems to be very happy about her new life.


According to BET, Sheree also has a little more to be celebrating too...

After teaming up with Nordstrom to release a line of Who Gon’ Check Me Boo? T-shirts, people have been wondering wha'st really going on with this former Housewives’ fashion line, She by Shereé. During the last reunion, sis was definitely caught off guard when Andy Cohen asked about the process of her clothing line when she simply replied, “Joggers.”

Last month, Shereé gave a little more clarification as well as a preview of what she described as a "lifestyle line."

Shereé Whitfield told US Weekly exclusively about the progress of her line and why it took her as long as it did.

“This has been an amazing journey and I am excited to see how She by Shereé can help complement every woman’s super power. I conceptualized and developed this collection from start to finish. I’m a perfectionist. I don’t believe in rushing things — greatness takes time and the She by Shereé 2019 Spring Summer Collection is something I am truly proud of. She is bold, she is fearless, she is you!”