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Actor Shemar Moore faced a recent tragedy close to home after his mother passed away.

Moore hopped on Instagram to share the sad news, as he paid tribute to his late mother.

"Marylin Joan Wilson-Moore, my mother, best friend, and partner in crime passed away Feb 8th at 76 years old... I miss her more than I ever thought possible and I don't know how to do this life without her .... but I get my STRENGTH from her and I will be OK because of HER," he wrote in the video's caption.

"Mama.... here come that man!!!!! What I do from this day forward is for YOU!!!! I'm going to continue to LEAP and pray that the NET appears!! It was too soon .... and it hurts so bad.... but I know you are with me and will continue to give me strength... I love you mama ❤️"

Our condolences go out to Shemar Moore and his family.