Biracial Actor Shemar Moore: 'I'm Proud To Be White'


During these times, Hollywood actor Shemar Moore wants you to know that not only is he a proud Black man -- he's also a proud white man too.

"I am half Black, and I am half white. But I am proud to be Black, but I am also proud to be white. I understand what it is to be treated like a n*gga when I don't have my fame and when I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time, and nobody knows who I am," he said during a recent LA protest. Then I'm just a n*gga in the street," he explained.

"I've been thrown down on the sidewalk in my lifetime. I understand what it is. I haven't gone through the George Floyd situation. I have not gone through that, but I know what it is. But I'm not gonna denounce the other side of me, because I'm looking at humanity…"

Y'all agree?