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Rapper Shawnna hopped on her social media to throw shots at Nicki Minaj after taking offense to Nicki's recent remarks about female rappers and ghostwriters.

Shawnna appeared to be urging Nicki to call her out, but many on social media were confused as to how Shawnna deducted that Nicki was addressing her in any way at all - and most of Nicki's younger fans did not even have a clue who she was.

Back in 2011, when the Nicki/ Lil Kim beef was fresh, Shawnna actually spoke out in defense of both ladies.

"I hate that, I hate that, and I'm glad you asked me that because I feel what Kim did was iconic in a certain sense," Shawnna told DJ Vlad. 

"She came, she brought that feminism, that diva to it but it was still hardcore. She had a following, she could hold her weight on records with some of the big dogs and she did that. She took us to that level. And now that Nicki's out — a lot of times it be a lot of people trying to get on, it's not necessarily a beef — so I don't really think it's a situation where Nicki stole anything from Kim because honestly, after I'm done with this, I want females to take from me. Take from what I did and add it to what they do and make it better because that shows what I contributed to the game was so worth it. It lives my legacy on. And I wish they would have looked at it like that rather than make it a beef situation." 

Well, it appears that things have changed, and Shawnna wants to be added to Nicki's growing list of enemies.

Y'all think Nicki is gonna get in the booth to respond to Shawnna?

Here's a recent video from Shawnna: