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MTO News just got some steaming hot tea from the VH1 hit series, Basketball Wives. According to multiple people with knowledge of the situation, Shaunie O'Neil may be getting pushed out of the show that she created.

According to one insider, VH1 appears to be trying to "fire" Shaunie from Basketball Wives.

The insider explained, "VH1 is forcing [Shaunie] to give up being a producer, if she wants to remain on-camera." If she agrees, O’Neal will no longer be able to call any shots, even if she’s allowed to retain her executive-producer role (although she won’t have any power in that role either).

And as "on-camera" talent, Shaunie can be fired from the show after the upcoming season, which our insider believes is VH1's real plan.

The insider added, "Once Shaunie gives up her producer [power], she'll be fired. They've been trying to take her show for years."

Shaunie's now stuck between a rock and a hard place - either give up producer power [and eventually get fired] or give up being on one of VH1's top-rated shows.

And Shaunie doesn't have much time to decide what to do. Filming for the new season of Basketball Wives begins in a few weeks.

This wouldn't be the first Black woman that VH1 pushed out of her own show. Mona Scott Young, who created the Love & Hip Hop franchise, is no longer a producer of the Hollywood franchise.