Basketball Wives filmed their reunion special on Sunday - and as you can imagine it was a complete sh*t show.

The reunion was hosted by Marc Lamont Hill - and was filled with drama. But the biggest storyline from the show's reunion was about OG -that Shaunie and Evelyn banned OG from the Basketball Wives Reunion set!

MTO News has learned  that OG was officially "banned" from the set of the reunion. When she arrived for filming, security informed the reality star that she wasn’t allowed to film on stage with everyone else. 

The Basketball Wives star was led to a room where she sat in front of a camera - away from the rest of the cast. That's where OG filmed the entire reunion - in a room by herself. 

So why did the producers move OG into another room? Two words: Shaunie and Evelyn.

One producer explained to MTO News, "Both Shaunie and Evelyn felt that OG was too aggressive, and they didn't feel comfortable being on set with her."

But OG has an alternative explanation for her treatment. She's suggesting that she is being unfairly treated because she's dark skinned.

Here's a post by a person who attended the reunion - which was liked by OG:


We would like to hope that colorism is not the reason for the ban, but it still exists in the Black community. And for those who aren't up on the term, colorism is a form of racial discrimination based on the shade of an individual's skin tone, typically favoring lighter skin. It can occur both within a specific ethnic group and across ethnic groups.