Shaun King uploaded a video to his social media, addressing actress Amanda Seales's recent walking back on her support of Rodney Reed, the death row inmate who was recently granted a stay of execution.

Seales broke down the rapes she says are linked to Reed, and blasted celebrities who are advocating for him, apologizing for not fully doing the research before speaking up for him herself.

"It's very duplicitous, not just his family, but persons who fancy themselves, activists, were doing so with the knowledge that his person, Rodney Reed, is not just accused of but has been linked to previous rapes via his DNA being discovered within the victim," she said via Instagram.

King, a community activist, fighting for Reed's life, responded to her, also via Instagram:

"On behalf of the family of Rodney Reed, I have to respond here directly to @AmandaSeales. We've counted over 20 egregious factual errors in her viral video, but NONE were more inflammatory and damaging than this one. Here, she says that Rodney Reed, who she fails to say was a high school student at the time, in Wichita Falls, Texas, raped and killed a woman there. LIES. ALL LIES. I am proud to report that only Amanda, in her rush to get a video out, killed that woman. She is thankfully still alive and well today. She was not murdered by Rodney or anyone else. And a jury voted quickly and unanimously to acquit Rodney on all charges in that case," King's post reads.

"Sooooooo many lies in this video," he continued. "Rodney did not commit the crime, was acquitted, and the woman was never murdered. People. Be careful what you listen to out here. Amanda called herself Google searching the case for a few hours and said a lot of factually incorrect stuff that does real harm."