Shaquille O'Neal still pays his ex-wife Shaunie more than $25,000 a month in child support. And last night, it looked like Shaq wanted to get a little extra for his money.

Shaquille and Shaunie O'Neal got up close and personal as they laughed and hugged outside of Mastro's Restaurant in Beverly Hills. 

The two brought positive energy and love while out at dinner with the whole O'Neal family. 

The 'Basketball Wives' star documented the momentous family occasion by pulling out her phone and snapping some pics while their kids Shareef O'Neal, Shaqir O’Neal, and Shaunie's son Myles B. O'Neal smiled in happiness. 

At one point  Shaq moves in and tries to kiss Shaunie, but Shaunie pulled away.


The couple married in 2002 and the relationship lasted until 2009 after Shaunie had filed for divorce back in 2007. Speaking about his actions and the impact that they had on his relationship with Shaunie, the former basketball player, who is widely considered as one of the best NBA players of all time as well as one of the most commercially successful athletes on Earth, said:

"I was a guy with too many options. Choosing to be with some of those women, well, that's on me.

Last year Shaunie and Shaq had a social media exchange which was hilarious, but sweet. It's proof that despite not being together anymore the two seem to have a friendly relationship:

The 46-year-old Hall of Famer just launched a suit line through JCPenney for big and tall men, and while promoting the collaboration of unique professional attire (which comes in sizes up to 6XL and 5XLT — my goodness!), he showed some love to ex-wife, Shaunie O’Neal.

“This is the same suit I’m wearing when I marry @shaunieoneal5,” he wrote.

And while hopeless romantics flooded the comment section saying things like “Omg remarry her” and “Shaq and Shaunie need to get back together because both of y’all still LOVE EACH OTHER,” Shaunie kept it all the way real with her response.

She commented on the picture by saying, “Actually this suit is more fitting for next seasons star of The Bachelor on @abcnetwork #justsayin #wedidthatalready”