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Shannon Sharpe and his longtime girlfriend and fiancé Katy Kellner are no longer together. And another man has impregnated her, MTO News has confirmed.

As of last year, Shannon was publicly engaged to a pretty young fitness instructor named Katy Kellner. The two were seen all over Los Angeles together. In fact, Katy moved across country to Los Angeles - to be closer to Shannon while he did his TV show.

There was no news of the two ever breaking up.

Here's Shannon and Katy:


As far as many people knew, Katy and Shannon were still a couple. But all that changed this week. 

Katy announced on social media that she's pregnant - and she showed a pic of her news babys father and it's NOT Shannon.

Katy's new babys father is a fitness instructor named Marlon Byrd. He co-owns a Thousand Oaks Gym with Katy.

Here's the announcement that Shannon's now ex-fiancé made:


Shannon probably drank a little EXTRA yack . . . and had a few milds after learning that his former fiancé GOT A baby on the way.

Almost exactly one year ago Shannon was defending his interracial relationship on Twitter.

He wrote:

But, It's crazy to think that in such a short amount of time he and his fiance broke up and she almost immediately got pregnant by a new BLACK guy. Despite that, we wish her luck with her new family.