FOX Sports Journalist SHANNON SHARPE Is Going To Get Himself FIRED . . . He's Saying TOO MUCH NO!! (LOL)

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Fox Sports host Shannon Sharpe is the BEST personality on TV sports. We love how REAL he is. But he's getting a little TOO REAL.

A few months ago, he started talking about drinking HENNESSEY and smoking Black & Milds on the air. Now he's talking about WEED TOO. He's definitely a REAL ONE. But he better tone it down before he gets fired.

He must have eaten one of those cookies before he hopped on air. He was way too free with the info. But if it's legal in the state, then there's not too much that can be done. "Undisputed" is unlikely to ditch him anytime soon; he's great for ratings and his fans affectionately refer to him as "Uncle."

As well as his hilarious stunts on the show, Shannon has been extremely vocal about his stance on politics and the injustice faced being an African American.

"It just goes to show that racism will always be a part of the world, a part of America. And, you know, hate in America, especially for African Americans, is living every day. And even though that it's concealed most of the time, even though people hide their faces and will say things about you and when they see you they smile in your face, it's a life every single day..." he said.

We understand why he needs to mellow out every now and again.

Look what he posted on Snapchat - peep the Gummys:


And listen to him talk about "you can't smoke cookies":