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It's Shannon Sharpe's birthday, and he wants the world to know that he's still got it at 51 as he showed off his pecs in a topless pics on Instagram.

"HAPPY 51st BDAY TO ME. I’M NOT WHAT I ONCE WAS, BUT I’M BADDER THAN 99% OF THE MOFO’S WILL EVER BE. #FitAtFiddyOne #CarvedBlackGranite #BuiltLikeAnAfricanGod," he wrote on Twitter.

Shannon shows off his chiseled body in a bathroom selfie, wearing only a towel and a pair of glasses.

And his followers were here for it!

Here are a few reactions to his post:

"Unk Shay more shredded than a Trump tax return"

"Mr. STEALYoAuntie"

"If #halo ever has another black character that’s like Sgt Major Johnson you better be the person playing him. It’d be too perfect."

"Well Hot Damn! 🔥 Happy Birthday! Blessings to you and many more! I left you a Hot Pocket in the oven with a candle in it! 😝"

"Happy Birthday Day mane! I see you out here Thirst Trappin!! Lemme get that diet plan! LOL"

Is Shannon Sharpe a Zaddy or nah?