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Shannade Clermont, one-half of the Clermont Twins, has posted a message to their Instagram account, where she referred to prison as detox.

"Hey everyone💕 Just wanted to thank you all for the endless support and love, it means a lot to me to be growing through all this with all the unconditional love I get from you guys. This journey hasnt been easy but I’m thankful to know that I’m going on my 6th month and soon it will just be another chapter to my story," she wrote in the lengthy post.

She continued: "God has a funny way of testing our faith but I’m doing his time. I just want to let all the people that look up to us to know that even though they are going through something hard or has done something in the past to know that it doesnt define you as a person, its about how you pull out of the situation and change as a person. 

Shannade appears to be grateful for her stint behind bars:

"This has been such a detox for me and Im still learning so much about myself as a person and using this time to really better myself... Keep your shoulders back and your chin up high and dont let know one tell you different about yourself. Love you guys <3 "

Clermont is officially a prisoner at FCI Dublin located in California after being convicted on wire fraud charges. The facility is a low-security federal correctional institution that holds about 1,298 inmates.