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'Shahs Of Sunset's Mike Shouhed Addresses Why He Lied About Sexting Drama

Shahs Of Sunset’s Mike Shouhed has revealed why he lied after he was caught sexting another woman.

“I wanted to lie because I was so upset with myself,” Mike confessed on #NoFilter with Zack Peter podcast.

“It started off as friendly conversations, and from there, I got engaged, and I was excited because we were in the middle of this pandemic. I was bored. I was spending a lot of time with Paulina. I needed some excitement,” he said.

Mike has been dating girlfriend Paulina for three years. He says he also lied to protect her. “It’s my show. I can take the heat, but I didn’t want to make her look bad,” he claimed.

He says he was unhappy that his co-stars did not support him.

“I’m not mad about them getting involved. They’re free to do so, but f*ck, you guys are my brothers and sisters, have my back a little bit. I’m already down, and they’re punching and kicking me. Help me up” he shared