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The ongoing feud between 'Shahs of Sunset' star Reza Farahan and his former best friend Mercedes "MJ" Javid shows no signs of slowing down and in a recent Instagram Live session, Reza accused MJ of starting the drama after she asked for a pay rise.

"The real deal is homegirl wanted more money and she wanted what she was worth. And [Bravo] didn't give her what she wanted...When she went into labor, they stopped communicating with her. This chick is so low class she basically went in to have birth and didn't realize that production wasn't calling her anymore," Reza told his followers.

"The whole Shahs cast will realize what's going and how evil she is. No one visited her in the hospital. It had nothing to do with me. I was totally cool with her until she came for me and then she sent her criminal thug husband to my house to destroy and vandalize my property and threaten my life," he says in the clips.

Reza and MJ were inseparable at one point. It's a shame it's come to this. We'd have thought that Bravo would have wanted to capture the feud on camera for the upcoming season.