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Mercedes "MJ" Javid, one of the stars of Shas of Sunset has opened up about motherhood, calling it "a little isolating."

"Honestly, I rarely do [go out alone], so it's not hard. But also, because Tommy is such a good dad, I have peace of mind," MJ recently told ET, adding, "[and] I am going to be home in two hours."

"It's all-encompassing, you are a little bit isolated," she continued. "I enjoy it, but at the same time, it's getting a little isolated, [and] those feelings that people talk about are starting to happen for me. So I'm just glad that I'm on a health kick and can get my body back and my energy is up. So, like, we'll see what's going on."

MJ may be feeling isolated after falling out with her bestie, Reza Farahan. Reza took out a restraining order against her husband, Tommy Freight, for trashing his home - a move that would strain any friendship. Over the years, Reza had been MJ's rock.

But MJ appears to be open to the idea of reconciling with Reza:

"I'm really just optimistic and hopeful and I feel a lot of forgiveness in my heart," she added. "When you almost die, your perspective changes and I just don't want to drag down anyone or anything with negativity."