Golnesa "GG" Gharachedagh spoke out against her Shahs of Sunset costar, Mercedes "MJ" Javid at Bravo Con, calling her former friend a"snake."

G has had a hard time on the show with former besties MJ and Reza Farahan, with both ganging up on her whenever the other has an issue with GG.

"Reza [Farahan] was her BFF he sort of always had her back regardless, so it was kind of the two of them," GG said per Bravo. "And they were the ringleader, so the other ones little trolleyed around wherever they went." 

"She knows how to make you love her and need her," she said. "And then she just kind of comes out of nowhere like one of those little snakes and just gets you."

Things will most likely be very different in the upcoming season of the show as MJ and Reza are no longer friends and Reza even took a restraining order out against MJ's husband.