During a recent episode of Shahs Of Sunset, Reza Farahan was seen getting into it with his husband, Adam, after somebody snitched that Adam had been playing strip Jenga in their home while Reza was away -- and Destiney Rose was the one to bring it to Reza.

As the friends tried to figure out who spread the rumors, Reza's former bestie, Mercedes Javid's name was brought up.

Destiney found herself at the center of the fallout, which ended up with Reza and MJ filing lawsuits against one another, and during an interview with Hollywood Life, she says she regrets getting involved.

"I will say I do regret the way that I approached the whole situation with Reza and Adam," Destiney told HollywoodLife. "I wish that I did sit both of them down and have this talk. If I could go back in time, I would shut it down immediately," she continued.

Destiney says she could not keep it to herself because Reza is a close friend:

I could not keep something within myself knowing that I love this person so much he needs to know ASAP," Destiney said. "As of right now, listen, I love that man. I will always love that man. I have loyalties to that man. You know, when he hurts, I hurt," she added.