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Shahs of Sunset' Ali Ashouri Files Restraining Order Against Reza Farahan

New Shahs of Sunset Star Ali Ashouri has filed a restraining order against fellow cast member Reza Farahan after the fallout of the naked Jenga incident.

Friend of the show, Ali, reportedly told (Destiney) that Reza's husband, Adam, was sending him explicit text messages. He also allegedly spread rumors that Adam played naked Jenga in Reza's home with other men while Reza was away traveling.

"At first, it was obviously just a friendly conversation back and forth," Ali said of Adam to Too Fab. "He was sending me memes and just jokes. It was funny at first, I was responding. It was something that was just normal. And then it turned into being more sexually explicit, the content became more aggressive and it became more personal."

He continued: "He was using these memes and sexual porn and the links that he was sending me to degrade me, make fun of me, call me all sorts of different names."

Reza even fell out with his childhood best friend, MJ Javid, after her name was brought into the mess. Ali and Destiney have publicly traded insults -- but it's not yet clear exactly why Ali filed the order against Reza, perhaps all will come to light as the season unfolds.