R&B singer Sevyn Streeter is now a born-again Christian and re-connected with her faith during her father's illness and after his passing.

Sevyn's dad has been sick for many years. And she used prayer to help her get through the tough times.

The singer explained to her fans, "’I've spent the last 2 years coming home every free second I had, just to be [with her father]." She added, "With God gaining so much revelation about life & how to maneuver through it, the last few weeks layin in the bed with you assuring you everything would be ok."

And his passing was devastating to Sevyn, she told her fans, "I can’t scream loud enough! Can’t cry enough tears!!!! Nothing helps & nothing ever will!!! When you love your family the way we do, some things change the dynamic forever."

But Sevyn, who grew up in the church, has been leaning hard on her Christian foundation - to get through these difficult times. The singer said, "All I ask is that God has mercy on my heart & allows you to visit my dreams every time I close my eyes!"

Our deepest condolences goes to Sevyn.

Earlier this summer Seven performed at Essence's first ever "Beauty Carnival", here's how it was described:

A consummate entertainer, Sevyn never missed a beat and kept the packed crowd rocking right along with her while belting out a stream of music from her impressive catalog including “It Won’t Stop” from 2013’s Call Me Crazy EP, “My Love For You” from 2017’s Girl Disrupted album and “Yearnin” from her forthcoming project, Drunken Wordz x Sober Thoughtz.

Following her performance, the award-winning singer/songwriter made her way to the VIP for meet & greets with her biggest fans and even shared a heartfelt exchange with fellow R&B beauty, Ciara, backstage.