Serena Williams NEW FIANCE Definitely Has A TYPE . . . Meet The BEAUTIFUL Woman . . . Who He DUMPED . . . So That He Can Marry SERENA!!!

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This week, Serena Williams announced that she and her boyfriend, Alexis Ohanian - a co-founder of the website Reddit, were engaged.

Well before Alexis was with Serena - he dated another beautiful Black women - a PHd educated Microbiologist and author named Sabriya Stukes.

It's actually a bit messy. Because according to the National Enquirer, he was cheating on Sabriya with Serena. They interviewed Sabriya and she told the mag, "No, I did not leave him . . . I thought we did love each other!”

Alas, all is fair in LOVE and in WAR. And he's all Serena's now.