Serena Williams lost all her baby weight, and then some. At her heaviest Serena - who is usually around 155 pounds - blew up to around 200 pounds.

Now she's down to about 145. Ten pounds LESS than before she got pregnant.

The tennis superstar and legend decided to show off her new slimmer body. Serena is gearing up for three major tennis championships this year - the French & Us Opens and Wimbledon. She's hoping to take home at least one of the three championships.

And Serena and her trainers believe that being thinner is the way to go - from a tennis standpoint.

She looks pretty good from a non-tennis standpoint too.

Check her out now:


Serena Williams is seen as the greatest women's tennis player in history. She's won the second-most singles titles (23) in women's Grand Slam tournaments of all time.

Serena made her debut on the professional tour at the age of 16 years. Speaking on Good Morning America, the 23-time Grand Slam winner said: "I literally made the first move. My dad said I was too young and I was so small and I wasn't ready but I knew I was ready and I made that first move and I want my daughter to be able to do the same thing.

We're taught as a society that we have to wait and be second but that's not true, we can be first. I love being first. I only like being first." The former world no. 1 also commented on what she learned over the years from her career: “I learned that when I’m in the lead, I’m a closer, I’m really known to be a closer.