Selena Gomez UNVEILS New Breast Implants . . . Did She Make Em TOO BIG??

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Pop singer Selena Gomez just unveiled her new breast implants to the world, MTO News has learned. Justin Bieber's ex posted a pic on Instagram, showing off her new surgically enhanced body.

Selena has had a series of health scares, which took a toll on her body. Selena has lupus, and has had a series of complications surrounding the disease. Fr example, she needed a kidney transplant two years ago.

And after her body was ravaged by Lupus - it needed a little sprucing up So Selena decided to do a little "maintenance" at the plastic surgeon. In addition to a heavy dose of Botox, Selena also got new breasts.

Here's how she looked before:


And this is her now:


On Saturday evening, the Come and Get It singer shared the above jaw-dropping pictures while posing in a low-cut black strapless top as she sipped on a drink.

While most of her fans flooded the comments section with compliments about the hot shot, some accused the 26-year-old former Disney starlet of going under the knife.

“So that’s where she’s been. Recovering from a boob job," one person claimed.

Amy Schumer even chimed in with, "Oh ok!"

The former Disney star has been keeping a low profile in recent months as she prepares to release her new album, which she recently said is now finished.

It'll be her first album release since 2015's Revival.